Eyeglass, Hearing Aid, and Key Collection


Eyeglass and hearing aid recycling is one of the Lions most popular activities. Many local businesses have been so generous as to let us leave collection boxes (in which you can put both eyeglasses and hearing aids) at their sites. Many thanks to all these community supporters. 


What do we do with the ones we collect? Well, as for the glasses, we send them on to the State of Indiana collection center where they are sorted and many are mended. Then they are redistributed to Lions and vision projects around the world. Refractive errors can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions in developing nations lack access to basic eye care services. Lions have recognized the urgent need for corrective lenses and continue to lend their support to the Lions Recycle for Sight Program. We know that the Indiana University School for Optometry gets many of the glasses they take to their clinic in Mexico from the Lions Club collection service.


Where can you take your glasses/hearing aids in the area? 



So this project not only helps the environment by recycling, but we also help local students get training and service work, and we help those in need of glasses who otherwise couldn't afford it. And we do all of this because of our generous community partners and all of you who share your glasses and hearing aids with us. 


Key Collection

We also support the Zionsville Lions Club's efforts to college old keys (house, car, etc.) in order to raise money for the Indiana Lions Cancer Control Fund. The keys are stripped of alloys and then resold to make new recycled keys. You can drop off your old keys to the Salvation Army in Bloomington, 111 N. Rogers St.