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Lionism is all about volunteering. After all, our motto is "We Serve." And we welcome non-Lions to serve with us. Heard about a Lions project that you'd like to help with? Contact us and let us know. 


Or, if you'd like to become a Lion, visit one of our meetings, which occur every second  Tuesday of the month (check our calendar).  


Being a Bloomington Lion means we have the opportunity to work with Indiana University, particularly with their School of Optometry. We partner with the students in the Optometry School as they go to a vision clinic they set up in Mexico, taking along many of the eyeglasses we've gathered. 


We'd be happy to work with other student organizations on campus or in the high schools on projects that align with our mission. Just contact us and let us know how we can help. 


Sorry to report MCCSC cancelled the 2022 Vision Screenings.  Thank all the volunteers who were ready to provide this wonderful free service to the schools.

The Lions continue to assist with exams and glasses.

Contact Lions at 812-339-3738 


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